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Charging for the future

The path towards zero-emission mobility calls for more efficient systems on an ongoing basis and poses major challenges for industry. We are supporting our partners on their route towards this goal by offering bespoke solutions and sophisticated, high-precision components in the e-mobility sector.

E-Compressor O-Scroll

Compressor Wheel

E-Compressor F-Scroll


Makes everything work

One of the great challenges of our time is this: How can we meet tomorrow’s energy requirements and how can we become more efficient on the road towards that goal? BOOSTER Precision Components make important contributions in this segment – e.g. in emergency power supplies and heat pumps.




Fuel cell

The new industry standard

Fuel cell and hydrogen systems offer great advantages in many areas and are currently being implemented on an industrial scale. Precision components, particularly for hydrogen storage and provisioning, are the key to successful use in drivetrain technologies.




Precision components make all the difference

Our fully automated CNC milling machine parks produce precision components ranging from conventional compressor wheels for liquids and gases to components for switching, control and measuring devices. This ensures qualitative and economic advantages in series production.

Turned Parts

Casted and machined pistons

Turned Parts

Compressor Wheel

Bearing Housing

Turned Parts

Spring Connector

Spring Connector


Built-in quality of life

BOOSTER specializes in manufacturing series parts exhibiting the highest quality and precision and making them something special. Medical devices for sophisticated laboratory technology or analytics make the highest demands of technical perfection in this regard: made for quality of life.





Optimized high-pressure efficiency

Internal combustion engines should reach an optimum energy yield. This can be achieved with exhaust gas turbochargers fitted to diesel, petrol and hybrid engines. High-precision manufactured components are decisive for engine performance and longevity.

Turbine Wheel

Casted and machined pistons

Rings for VTG

Compressor Wheel


Fully assembled vtg cartridge


We are experts in precision machining and complex assemblies and provide cutting edge manufacturing solutions across the globe


Passion for precision – in our core business we can life this passion. With more than >300 CNC machines of different technologies we can provide cutting edge solutions for your products. Our plants are capable of setting up serial processes for all different stages of a project lifetime. From prototype development to fully automated lines for high volume projects, our plants are capable of providing the best solutions.



With our turning machines located in our 4 machining facilities all over the globe we machine precise parts from 2 to 250 mm and precision of ±0,015mm with additional grinding operation that can be added we are capable of ensuring tolerances up to ±0,003.


Our machining facilities all over the globe are capable of machining precise parts up to tolerances of ±0,025 at lowest cycle times and competitive cost – especially for special materials like Titanium, Steel and special Alloys we will get your components to the next level. We can manufacture complex shapes up to 250x250mm on 5 axis and 400x400 for 3 axis with no limitation for future developments.


Also special processes like lapping, grinding, balancing …. Are well known at BOOSTER and can be applied to your product.


If you are in need of someone to support more than just machining? BOOSTER can also provide solutions for complex assemblies of machined parts. We are capable of providing different strategies for high and low volume programs. Riveting, welding or other joint processes are available in BOOSTER and can increase the value on your parts.


Manual Assembly

For low volume Projects we are able to offer quality assemblies with high flexibility and competitive cost.

Automatical Assembly

In close cooperation with our customers we are design highly effective automated assembly processes for your high volume projects.

Process Development

We are developing manufacturing processes to produce your parts in an efficient way and meet highest quality standards.


With our own casting facility we are able to produce customized materials for your applications. Being specialized on centrifugal casting we produce tubes to use them in our precision machining processes. Special alloys with ideal mechanical properties highly heat and corrosion resistant are our speciality. Materials are checked in our in house laboratory to ensure best quality.


Centrifugal Casting

In our facility in Slovakia wee are casting special alloys with centrifugal casting procedure.

Material Development

Our material specialists will support you to find the best mixture to fit your requirements and machining capability.

Investment Casting

Complex shapes can be casted at our facility in Slovakia using investment casting.


It is easy to source at BOOSTER. If you have any questions, suggestions or business ideas regarding BOOSTER, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or mail!

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