We are experts in precision machining and complex assemblies and provide cutting edge manufacturing solutions across the globe. Passion for precision – in our core business we can live this passion. With more than >300 CNC machines of different technologies we can provide cutting edge solutions for your products. Our plants are capable of setting out serial processes for all different stages of a project lifetime. From prototype development to fully automated lines for high volume projects, our plants are capable of providing the best solutions.


With turning machines in our four machining facilities worldwide, we machine precise parts ranging from 2 to 250mm with a tolerance of ±0.015mm. Additional grinding operation can further enhance precision, allowing us to achieve tolerances as tight as ±0.003mm.


Our machining facilities all over the globe are capable of machining precise parts up to tolerances of ±0.025mm, all while maintaining lowest cycle times and competitive cost. We excel in working with materials like titanium, steel and special alloys, ensuring that your components are taken to the next level. We can manufacture complex shapes up to 250x250mm on five axis and 400x400mm for three axis with no limitation for future developments.


Also special processes like lapping, grinding and balancing are well known at BOOSTER and can be applied to your product.