BOOSTER invests in new machines

Since 2022, BOOSTER secured several series projects in the fuel cell sector from technology leaders in this area. State of the art machinery are indispensable for the manufacture of these products. Since the process chain at the Schwanewede location is very effective and further series inquiries to be awarded including development of the manufacturing processes are in prospect, we commit to this business and invest into new machine. After having first experience with the machine in another serial business A, a second Doosan was already put into operation in winter 2022. The next step is now to automate the machine in order to be able to manufacture large series economically. This should be completed by the end of Q3/23. In addition to the Doosan, there are also two new milling machines on which the final machining operations will take place.

But that's not all: in winter 2023, a new EMCO Powermill turning-milling center will arrive at the Schwanewede site. With this machine, it will be possible to carry out both complete turning and 3-axis milling, and thus to machine a wide range of components on just one machine. BOOSTER is therefore excellently equipped for future tasks in the field of new business, in order to also be able to implement new manufacturing methods in the best possible way.