BPC-Bel support the International Tree Day

BOOSTER Beluša and ARETE support the International Tree Day to kick off BOOSTER’s new sustainability strategy at the industrial park in Beluša.

On October 27th BOOSTER Precision Components Beluša organized together with representatives of ARETE, the owner of the Industrial Park in Beluša, a tree planting day to celebrate the International Tree Day and at the same time give a symbolic starting signal for the new sustainability strategy of BOOSTER Precision Components Beluša.

BPC Beluša employees planted numerous trees on the grounds of the industrial park where Booster Beluša operates. The trees planted as part of this campaign were chosen specifically for their ability to improve air quality and their rich foliage canopy, which will provide shade and an environment for insects and birds and thus contribute to the creation of a more comfortable microclimate. The tree planting campaign is part of a wider sustainability plan by BOOSTER Precision Components in Beluša. One of the spearheads of this sustainability plan is the improvement of the environment in the industrial park together with ARETE, the owner of the site.

“One of our first internal steps is to spread information and awareness of sustainability among our employees, as we believe it is important to build sustainability from within and gradually transfer ESG principles to the external environment. Our tree planting campaign was a signal and a starting point to underline our new approach,” said our Plant Managing Director Roland Grijpma. Together with Mr. Šnirc, the Managing Director of ARETE, they started the campaign by planting the first tree and then enjoyed a nice bowl of goulash with all office and production employees.

Further measures are planned to “green” the industrial park around the booster plant even more, so that people working in the industrial park can enjoy the microclimate around the factory in a natural environment during their breaks, for example, instead of in a concrete jungle.

Environmental issues and sustainability (ESG) are among the biggest concerns of companies today. This trend is not only strongly driven by legal requirements in the EU, which will also become mandatory in Slovakia in the near future, but investors are also changing their investment behavior towards companies with good ESG ratings. In the industry, this culminates in customers’ requirements for their suppliers and, alongside price, quality and delivery reliability, becomes a key element in maintaining existing business and obtaining offers for new business. However, it is not only environmental issues that resonate with society, but also the need to ensure fair labor practices and fair wages for men and women, to prioritize the health and safety of employees and communities, and to implement policies that respect the rights of all stakeholders.

At BOOSTER Precision Components in Beluša, we believe that we are a modern company that wants to be at the forefront and make a place and a name for ourselves in the markets where we are present now and where we want to be in the future. To achieve this, our new strategy, which focuses on green technology, goes hand in hand with our new ESG policy and forms the basis for a sustainably successful future. We want to be attractive to investors, transparent and managed in line with stakeholder interests, including the corporate structure, decision-making processes and policies that affect overall behavior and ethical standards, but most importantly for the people who make up the company.

Caring together unites us, no matter what we do or what our backgrounds are. We would like to thank ARETE for their support and hope that our shared vision of sustainability will develop into a thriving, sustainable industrial park in Beluša.

Jana Ondrasova,
Sustainability Coordinator
BOOSTER Precision Components Beluša s.r.o.