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We are the leading partner of choice for tomorrows technology – we are responsible for a better future.

The path to emission-free mobility requires increasingly efficient systems and poses major challenges for the industry. We support our partners on the way there with tailored manufacturing processes, using cutting edge technology to deliver sophisticated, high-precision components in the field of e-mobility.

We know that new mobility and energy solutions will revolutionize the way we move and live. Therefore we use the technical expertise of our engineers, who are continuously working on optimizing the production processes for components in the field of e-mobility to adapt them to current requirements.


compared to life cycle emissions combustion engine vehicles
Source: Hydrogen Council

Scroll compressor

BOOSTER is committed to innovation and is therefore shifting its focus from the combustion engine to e-mobility, which is to be built up and established as one of the company’s central pillars in the future. A transformation through which we, reliable as usual, will move hand in hand with our partners and customers in order to design the future together.

The path to emission-free mobility

We take responsibility and accelerate the transformation process towards green technologies by developing new production and automation methods. Because with the EU’s new CO2 emission targets, there will only be zero-emission new cars from 2035. To do this, we use the expertise of our employees, who are committed to optimizing processes with a great passion for precision in order to drive innovative technologies forward.

BOOSTER is the ideal partner for jointly taking the next step in the mobility sector. Our strength goes beyond the high-precision production of customized e-mobility components like electric scroll-compressors. In collaboration with customers and suppliers, we have also already been able to optimize existing components and develop them further until they are ready for series production. That is why we see ourselves not only as a manufacturing service provider, but also as a consulting partner and competent companion of transformation processes.

[Why it matters?]

Cars and vans are responsible for around 15% of total EU emissions of co2, the main greenhouse gas

Estimated CO2 emission reductions


*compared to rhe 2021 targets

Estimated CO2 emission reductions
Source: “FitFor55 Programm“ der EU


*compared to rhe 2021 targets

Estimated CO2 emission reductions
Source: “FitFor55 Programm“ der EU


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