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We use our technical expertise to shape a better Future together. We don’t accompany technical progress, we shape it!

Fuel cell and hydrogen systems are the technologies of the future. They have great potential in numerous areas and are therefore BOOSTER’s top priority. This is because precision components, especially for hydrogen storage and supply, are the key to successful use of fuel cells in drive technologies.

Fuel cells enable low-emission operation. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from the smallest systems to large plants. Efficient drives, such as those used in fuel cell cars, are a key component of a lower-emission future. This makes it all the more important to support and promote the development and use of innovative technologies as these. A process BOOSTER is driving forward with full commitment and a passion for precision.

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Technologies of the future: increasing demand – increasing growth
Source: Grand View Research

Precision components, particularly for hydrogen storage and provisioning, are the key to successful use in drivetrain technologies.

Fuel cells require components that can only be produced efficiently with machines specifically designed for this purpose. That is why we invest both in the technical expertise of our employees and in innovative technologies and machines.

Strong partner for our customers

With the production of components for fuel cells, BOOSTER supports companies in implementing innovative technologies and establishing them on the market. We are one of the leading producers of parts for fuel cells and are already supplying the first small serial projects of various components to major fuel cell manufacturers. But we are always thinking one step ahead and continuously working to make production even more efficient – thereby not only strengthening our position in the market, but also helping our customers achieve their goals faster.


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