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Our credo is: machining excellence with passion for precision.

Precision components make the difference: Our fully automated CNC milling machine park produces precision components ranging from conventional compressor wheels for liquids and gases to components for switching, control and measuring devices. This ensures qualitative and economic advantages in series production.

Our goal is to further develop BOOSTER into a cross-industry production company – this can be achieved with strong partners, suppliers and customers at our side. The pursuit of technological progress, driven by the passion to shape the future, opens up new opportunities and markets. We take advantage of our global presence and our strong team with outstanding capabilities in industrial precision manufacturing to build a sustainable portfolio.


robots counts BOOSTER
in its plants worldwide

Compressor wheel, casted and machine pistons

It’s time to pick the lowest-hanging fruits of energy efficiency

200 million old generation circulating pumps worldwide provide heating to homes and buildings.

Replacing these pumps could save energy equivalent to Portugal’s annual electricity consumption.

The impeller’s precision is crucial for the pump’s efficiency (well-designed and precisely manufactured impellers minimize energy losses and maximize pump efficiency).

Aiming net-zero energy mix opens many business opportunities in the area of precision components used in the pump segment.


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